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DiaryZapp for Schools is a daily journaling app, designed to help children develop  positive mental health and emotional wellbeing habits.

Research carried out by Oxford University confirmed children aged 4-10 years old, experienced increased emotional difficulties, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Tom Madders, Campaigns Director at YoungMinds, said, ‘Research suggests that many younger children have found it increasingly hard to cope as the lockdown period has gone on, due to loneliness, fears about the virus, loss of the routines and support that comes with school.

DiaryZapp for Schools provides a creative safe space for children, where there are no wrong answers, allowing them to reflect on their day and process their emotions.

How does DiaryZapp for Schools help?

Teaching children to journal provides them with  a tool, that allows them make sense of their inner world, as it teaches them mindfulness and helps them to express their emotions, while improving mental health, confidence and wellbeing.




Our unique Zappicon characters  act as a child’s personal guide through the app encouraging them with their journaling through conversation starters and by asking questions to help them reflect on their day.

The Zappicons are designed to be relatable, diverse and can be customised.

Positive Journaling

Every day children are greeted with a positive message as they start to write their journal and if they don’t feel like writing, they can use the toolbox to draw, colour and add stickers to reflect their day.
Speech to text functionality allows children to talk about their day and create a journal page without writing

Emotion Tracker

Boost Literacy
When children create their daily journal entry, we have a incorporated a simple daily emotional check-in, to help children understand and express how they are feeling.
If they feel that they need extra support, we have made it easy for them to reach out to their teacher or parent.


We have incorporated levels and statuses within the app to encourage children to complete a daily journal entry. Levels are grouped by a colour status to demonstrate progress and reward consistency.

Additional Functionality

In addition DiaryZapp for Schools incorporates functionality that enables:

  • Children to login from anywhere – home, school or away on different devices by downloading the free DiaryZapp for Schools app on their home device
  • Connects Teachers and Parents so families can get involved
  • Automated teacher alerts based on key word trigger notifications
  • Speech to text functionality to helps reluctant writers

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